Shoes made for real living

Riley's was made out of an obsession for comfort.

In the modern world, everything is fast paced. One minute you're at the office brainstorming
breakthrough ideas, the next you're on your way to meet up a friend for lunch; before you know it you're at a bar for drinks with friends. Through the hustles-and-bustles of life, we wanted a shoe that is comfortable enough for us to call a life partner.

Modern classics, reimagined with exceptional comfort.

Countless hours have gone into engineering the perfect upper, midsole and insole for the perfect pair of sneaker. Our trademark Cloudfoam Memorythm Insole promises a ‘cloudlike’ feel when walking with our shoes, adding an extra layer of comfort to your  everyday activities.

Crafting comfort.

Here at Riley’s, we have a simple goal of helping people have an easier day by  offering the most comfortable sneaker. We believe style should never sacrifice comfort and the perfect product should achieve the perfect  harmony between the two. With the perfect sneaker, we try to make  everyone’s day that bit easier.

Quality, without breaking the bank.

Our brand connects individuals with high-quality pieces of shoes without breaking their bank. We design our shoes in-house and produce them at respected shoes manufacturers in order to eliminate the price premiums charged by designer brands and their distributors/wholesalers.

What They Say About Riley's

"Insole sangat empuk dan nyaman bahkan jika dipakai berdiri dalam waktu yang lama." - Leo

"Empuk banget insole-nya sehingga nggak terlalu capek kalau dipakai untuk jalan jauh" - Devid

"Cukup lentur, tidak kaku, dan empuknya pas sejak pertama kali menggunakanya." - Eugene

"Insole-nya empuk, materialnya juga lembut. Enak dipakai untuk waktu yang lama" - Danang