Shoe care Microfiber towel

Shoe care Microfiber towel

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Riley’s Microfiber Towel is extremely absorbent, quick drying, lint free, and non-abrasive. The perfect material for wiping off excess liquid from shoes.

Riley’s Microfiber Towel cepat menyerap cairan, cepat mengering, bebas bulu halus, dan non-abrasif. Bahan yang tepat untuk menyeka sepatu.


- 30 x 30 cm
- Each microfiber is finer than a human, resulting in millions of microscopic hooks on each cloth to capture dirt and dust

How to care:
- Machine washable / Bisa dicuci dengan mesin cuci
- Do not use bleach or fabric softener / Jangan menggunakan pemutih atau pelembut pakaian
- Low heat tumble dry / Boleh menggunakan pengering bersuhu rendah

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Our Signature Cloudfoam Memorythm Insole

The jack of all trades. The classic canvas is
a true classic sneaker that is a basic design
of a canvas upper and a vulcanized outsole,

Inside our shoes


Our trademark Cloudfoam Memorythm Insole is the core of our comfort and is made of reinforced latex for superior comfort.


Our outsole is made of durable, shock-absorbing rubber for longlasting and robust shoes.


Our upper is made of premium Corrected Leather, Canvas, or Mesh and is reinforced with extra cushioning.

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